Horizontal Tanning

The Black Care Experience is a maximally improved sunbed package in order to satisfy the highest demands with the most possible extras (with an especially powerful upper part of 160W and a lower part of 100W intensive capacity).


Vertical Sunbed

Gradation and temperateness according to your skin type. Our Spaghetti face tanners mean skin-protective new technology which tans quickly and without skin redness, wrinkling, drying or aging the skin. They tan immediately and the skin does not tighten. Quality starts where needs are met before they are uttered.


Vertical Sunbed – Infra

Before a solarium treatment, it prepares the skin for a healthy tanning in the same way as the rays of the sun. It warms up the skin, widens the pores so the tanning will be more effective and will last longer. At last we can enjoy the well-known physiological benefits of the infrared rays even in the tanning bed. It detoxifies, slims, decreases cellulite and increases resistivity, and recharges the body with energy.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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