Why is FLABéLOS good for you?

FLABéLOS offers a solution for the problems caused by sedentary jobs, lack of exercise and a stressful lifestyle, as it takes a short time to move the whole body, including difficult to reach core muscles, in a convenient and effective way. Its use greatly improves general fitness and there’s a good chance of preventing illnesses caused by lack of exercise. It can also be of great help in reducing body weight.

10 minutes on FLABéLOS equals an approximately 45-50-minute workout in terms of muscle contractions.

The ultra-fast (up to 20Hz) tilting movement causes such a great number of muscle contractions that in just 10 ten minutes the number of contractions is many times of what can be achieved with any traditional sports (up to 30-60 muscle contractions may occur per second).

And all this happens involuntarily as the machine uses the body’s spontaneous balancing and attitude sensor reflexes.

Therefore, its use is much less tiresome than conventional work outs and it doesn’t require motivation and will power, either. 

FLABéLOS doesn’t put as much stress on the heart and joints as weight training or jogging.

This makes FLABéLOS safe to use for obese or older people and it is especially recommended in cases where traditional exercise is only possible with great difficulty or not at all (e.g. high amounts of excess weight, poor fitness, joint problems, being overburdened, lack of time).

Look at what you can achieve in the short term and in the long term using FLABéLOS.

You will feel its effects even after one use.

It increases your blood and lymph flow. After 10 minutes of use, you will feel a tingling sensation in your body and your increased metabolism will make you go to the bathroom immediately.

The small capillaries under your skin will be opened and the micro circulation in your veins will improve. You may experience some itching, as the use of FLABéLOS noticeably increases blood flow.

After a few sessions:

After 4-8 sessions, your general wellbeing will improve; most users feel more refreshed and energised all day long. Movements feel better, it is easier to bend, back pain is decreased, and the condition of joints is improved, too.

With the improvement of blood circulation and detoxification processes throughout the body, your skin becomes clearer and more beautiful, and you will also lose weight, which you will be able to measure in centimetres and dress sizes.

Since exercising with FLABéLOS is easy and pleasant (you won’t need to make yourself do it), after a few sessions you will miss it if you don’t do it.

After a few months

After using FLABéLOS regularly for 2-3 months, you will be able to measure your weight loss, which your spouse, friends and colleagues will also notice, in kilograms.

Your muscles will be stronger, tighter and more toned, and you will experience reduced cellulite and smoother skin.

Take a look at how 3 months of regular FLABéLOS use transforms your body!

Blood and lymph flow

When using FLABéLOS, blood and lymph flow is improved in the whole body due to the rapid, constant muscle contractions. The improvement is not restricted to major veins, it effects capillaries, too. As a result, increased tissue oxygenation takes place – metabolic processes improve, the cells and tissues receive more oxygen and nutrients and waste elimination is also increased. Increasing blood oxygen levels improves general well-being and concentration. Fitness levels increase, the immune system improves with increased cell regeneration (anti-ageing effect).

Muscles, core muscles

FLABéLOS primarily impacts your muscles. Virtually every muscle in your body continuously contracts and relaxes, facilitating circulation in the muscles. Increased circulation has a beneficial effect on the structure of muscle fibres. In the long term, the use of the machine increases muscle stamina, strength and tone. This is important because strong, healthy muscles are better able to support your frame, while the lack of strong and healthy muscles may lead to problems with posture and spinal complaints. Healthy, fit muscles burn calories faster and more efficiently, thereby helping you lose weight and achieve a more attractive body tone.


The regular use of FLABéLOS improves circulation in the joints. Synovial fluid production increases, which helps lubricate joint surfaces. With sufficient regular use of FLABéLOS you can ensure constant synovial fluid production, while lack of movement means less and less synovial fluid being produced, which leads joint space narrowing and calcification, making joint surfaces incongruent, causing the joints to rub against each other in a harmful way during movement. This leads to arthrosis of the joints.

There is a point when this process becomes irreversible. In this case joint replacements are often implanted. Therefore, regular exercise is important for the joints, too. This is why it is worth using FLABéLOS as a preventive measure to avoid the need for joint replacements. Because nothing can nurture worn, arthritic joints.


Vibration technology is currently the ONLY leading medicine free therapy for reversing osteoporosis. The regular use of FLABéLOS is beneficial for your bones, too. It effects osteoporosis on three levels. Since circulation improves in the whole body, trace minerals (calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin and MSN) are better able to penetrate the bones. This improves the function of bone forming cells and reduces the function of bone destroying cells. The use of the machine starts hormonal and circulation improving processes that create a healthy balance between these cells.  It has a pulling and pressurising effect on bones, reconstructing the bone structure.

Connective tissue

FLABéLOS has a very positive effect on connective tissue. This is a kind of aesthetic effect, mostly to do with collagen and cellulite. The use of the machine assists the circulation of collagen fibres, which delivers more water to the cells, filling out the collagen fibres and slowing down the aging process. It can also reduce the number of fat cells, leaving more space for connective tissue, making the skin more elastic and reducing cellulite.

FLABéLOS attacks cellulite on many fronts effectively and helps achieve a beautifully toned body.

The regular use of FLABéLOS stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and strengthens the collagen layer. Increases growth hormone (GH) production, which reduces cellulite. It helps maintain skin elasticity by strengthening the connective tissue and increasing circulation.

Internal organs

The use of FLABéLOS is especially useful for internal organs. In the case of abdominal fat, the fat doesn’t just accumulate under the skin of the abdomen, but also in the intestines and in the visceral organs, which poses enormous risks. Visceral abdominal fat behaves completely differently from other benign fat stores in the body. It produces toxic hormones and substances, which pose risks for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, as well as certain tumours.

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Why is FLABéLOS the solution you need?

The Singapore based OTO Bodycare has nearly 35 years of biomedical experience in manufacturing innovative preventative healthcare products which aim to preserve health. Their products offer excellent quality, effective operation and affordable prices.

FLABéLOS was developed by the OTO medical team with the help of Australian physician, Professor Laurie Farrow. It took prolonged experimentation to find the right frequency and amplitude and the in-built programs were developed through testing at a rehabilitation clinic. Copying these would be too expensive and inaccurate, which makes cheap Chinese copies ineffective. Everybody has experienced when a cheaper solution proves more expensive in the long run.

NO, FLABéLOS works on an entirely different principle.

When you stand on the tilting FLABéLOS bench, the machine will make you lose your balance every millisecond. It feels as if you suddenly step off the curb and lose your footing for a moment.

As a result of this moment of losing your balance, you brain sends a signal to correct all your muscles involved in maintaining your balance. This is a subconscious process, your muscles automatically contract to keep you balanced. Your balancing and attitude sensor reflexes make your muscles work hard.

This muscle work occurs independently of your will (you cannot control it, it is instinctive) and happens so fast that you can experience 30-60 muscle contractions in a second (as confirmed by measuring instruments).

This kind of efficiency cannot be produced consciously in gym conditions. The efficiency of jogging, swimming, or cardio workouts does not even come close to the amount of muscle work involved with FLABéLOS. And the most important thing is that FLABéLOS won’t make you sweat, it won’t increase your heart rate and blood pressure, it won’t wear out your joints, your lungs or your heart!