The effect of Flabélos on cellulite

FLABéLOS has a very positive effect on connective tissue. This is a kind of aesthetic effect, mostly to do with collagen and cellulite. Collagen is a natural protein that supports the structure of the body’s primary tissue, connective tissue. In fact, collagen is gelatine, which is made up of white collagen fibres in the skin, tendons, cartilages, bones and every other connective tissue. These fibres are arranged in a matrix form and its material is gelatinous. Collagen provides the organs and tissues with elasticity. Our skin is made up of 75% collagen and overall about 30% of our bodies’ protein is collagen. It is present in all our internal organs, bones, cartilages, joints, veins, everywhere.

The primary cause of cellulite is weak connective tissue, which mainly effects women but sometimes men, too. The cause of cellulite formation is waste deposits in the cutis layer of the skin. These deposits attract water from surrounding tissues, forming larger and larger bumps. The accumulated fluid causes oedemas and when these swollen knots meet, they break up the structure of the fibres, causing the skin to like orange peel; uneven and bumpy.

FLABéLOS attacks cellulite on many fronts effectively and helps achieve a beautifully toned body.

The regular use of FLABéLOS stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and strengthens the collagen layer.

Increases growth hormone (GH) production, which reduces cellulite.

It helps maintain skin elasticity by strengthening the connective tissue and increasing circulation. 

One of the first effects you feel when you start using FLABéLOS is itching under the skin. The reason for this is that the use of FLABéLOS increases blood circulation and micro circulation (blood flow in the capillaries) and you can feel these capillaries opening up under the skin. Increased circulation leads to increased tissue oxygenation. Metabolic process speeds up and more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to cells and tissues, including collagen fibres.

The aging process starts a kind of loss of hydration, which dries out collagen fibres. This is because where there is no water there is no circulation. If there is no circulation, the fibres don’t get enough nutrients and they waste away, their numbers decreases and they are unable to reproduce.

The reason behind the aesthetic effects of FLABéLOS is that improved circulation occurs in the skin, too.

We feel this itching in different ways as the sensitivity of our skin differs. The lack of this feeling does not mean that micro circulation is not increased, it simply means that the person in question has lower sensitivity. This tingling is more intensive when circulation first starts to improve and these capillaries under the skin open up for the first time. This sensation doesn’t last forever, which is positive, as these capillaries stay open with long term use.

The regular use of FLABéLOS has a positive effect on cellulite and fat

Tight skin cannot occur with a healthy connective tissue store because connective tissue fibre is very flexible. When we accumulate fat, we also accumulate a lot of waste and the number of fat cells pathologically increases in our fat stores, too. The number of fat cells between connective tissue fibres also increases, which compresses connective tissues, taking away its space, causing collapsed skin and cellulite.

With the regular use of FLABéLOS, the circulation of these areas begins to improve and the size of fat cells reduces and they begin to disintegrate. At last, there will be enough space for connective tissue and the fat stores will reduce in time. In the end, the area begins to tighten. This process can be regenerated with more water, better circulation and more muscle work.