Information For Customers Regarding COVID-19 Regulations

After the government statement on reopening, we read and analysed all the measurements that needs to take place in Our saloon!

Please read it carefully as it contains all the necessary information that You need to know before You visit Our saloon!

1, Mask to be worn while entering the saloon till You enter the separated cabins! Must be worn when leaving the Saloon!

2, Hand sanitiser to be used when entering the saloon, which will be placed right at the entrance!

3, A maximum of 7 customers can be in the saloon at the same time!

4, Please wait outside, till the receptionist is busy with another customer! They will let You know when You can enter the saloon!

5, As regulations state, the saloon is no longer allowed to sell or offer any kind of drinks or refreshments! Please make sure You consume enough liquid before tanning, or bring with Yourself so You can avoid dehydration!

6, Please make sure You attend alone to Your tanning session! Children should attend! Exceptions can be made if there’s a special need to be accompanied by a caregiver! Any other person must wait outside!

7, Very important, that if You feel unwell, or have respiratory symptoms including coughing, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat, we have the right to refuse the entry to Our saloon! Stay home and stay safe in this case!

8 , We would like to ask You that once done with the tanning session, please bring all the used towels out from the cabins Yourself and place it in the bin”!

9, To maximise the effect of the disinfectant we clean everything after every single customer including the bed/cabin/door handle and the toilet!

10, To ensure the saloon is thoroughly sanitised, Our colleagues clean everything again once the saloon is closed!

11, As an effect of the lockdown we also would like to let You know, that all existing tanning passes validity date will be extended by 2 months!