The effect of Flabélos on joints

The regular use of FLABéLOS improves circulation in the joints. This is important because improved circulation increases synovial fluid production, which is a lubricant for the joints, reducing the friction between joints during movement. Synovial fluid not only protects joint surfaces, its nutrients also nurture cartilages.

What happens if you don’t get enough exercise?

With sufficient, regular use of FLABéLOS you can ensure constant synovial fluid production, while lack of movement means less and less synovial fluid being produced, which leads joint space narrowing and calcification, making joint surfaces incongruent, causing the joints to rub against each other in a harmful way during movement. This leads to arthrosis of the joints. There is a point when this process becomes irreversible. In this case joint replacements are often implanted. Therefore, regular exercise is important for the joints, too. This is why it is worth using FLABéLOS as a preventive measure to avoid the need for joint replacements. Because nothing can nurture worn, arthritic joints.

What happens when joint arthritis and obesity occur simultaneously?

Carrying a lot of extra weight makes it even more difficult to start traditional sports and exercises, as obesity comes with poor fitness levels. It makes it difficult enough to climb up stairs, let alone jogging. It is not recommended to start regenerating joints through strenuous exercise, as one wrong move could cause more harm than good.

Thanks to its 20 speeds, FLABéLOS use can be started with very mild tilting action with the legs slightly apart, which provides gradually increasing load on the muscles and joints, enabling patients to slowly but surely achieve better fitness without straining themselves. Later, at higher speeds, patients will see a dramatic improvement in the condition of their muscles and joints. By moving their muscles, fatty tissue will decrease. With reduced weight and better joints, they will even be able to enjoy traditional sports as part of their lifestyle changes.

What do the experts say?

“In Hungary every other person is overweight and every fifth person is obese. For people suffering from more and more frequently occurring cardiovascular and locomotor diseases, regular exercise is often very difficult. This lack of exercise leads to excess weight and obesity, which makes the diseases even worse. In my practice I deal with overweight patients who also suffer from other advanced diseases and for them FLABéLOS is the optimal solution. I have known and used the machine for many years, and in my experience the regular use of FLABéLOS reduces fat volume to the right levels, while muscle mass remains the same or increases without burdening the lungs, the heart and the joints. Kick-starting weight loss motivates patients, who feel a sense of achievement, and regular use helps avoid the yo-yo effect.

Dr Veronika Endre, internal specialist, obesitologist

“The main problem with lack of exercise is that it almost always leads to an illness which can be serious and irreversible. Pain is always the first symptom; you have neck ache or lower back pain because the muscles are weak, circulation is poor and joints have a narrow motion range. In this case, joint surfaces become cracked, synovial fluid production deceases, joint degeneration occurs and calcareous deposits are formed. Our bodies are not designed for sitting and inactivity, joints are for movement and joint diseases can only be remedied with movement. This is why I recommend FLABéLOS to my patients. They can use it to counteract sedentary work and it also helps existing locomotor complaints. The tilting movement of FLABéLOS helps increase synovial fluid, which lubricates the joint surfaces. Its regular use strengthens muscles and reduces pain. And in the case of regular FLABéLOS users, weight loss and a slimmer body is a bonus.”

Rita Szentiványi, physiotherapist, manual therapist